Shoup Solutions Plans and Pricing

Regardless of the hosting package, first you need a website. Site design charges ultimately depend on your requirements. Development costs vary between $35 and $60 per hour depending on the complexity of the site design. Following discussion and agreement of the requirements, a time estimate and price quote will be provided for your approval. If there are any costs beyond the estimate, they will be discussed and agreed upon before being invoiced. A typical site of 4 or so pages costs about $200.

We offer two standard hosting packages. Both packages include:
  • Project management activities
  • One unique domain name (registered to you, we are just the technical contact)
  • Up to 5 email addresses @yourdomain (and assistance at your office to setup access to the email system)
  • Discounts for paying annually

Custom plans can be created as well, either based on one of the standard plans or as a complete custom solution. For example if you require more than 5 email addresses, or you need SSL certificates for e-Commerce, those options are available. If you have a specific requirement that you want to be sure is included, all you need to do is ask!

Standard Plan 1: Site Managed by Shoup Solutions
This package is ideal if the information on your site is going to remain fairly static. Basically once the site is setup the way you like, it just works.
Price: $400/year or $40/month

  • Disk space for your website (extra charges may apply for sites over 50 MB)
  • Up to 1 GB data transfers per month
  • Up to 4 minor changes per year for things such as updating office hours for holidays, vacations, etc. (basically a total of 1 hour of development time)
  • Additional changes will be quoted and billed (similar minor changes typically take less than 15 minutes).

Standard Plan 2: Managed by you
This package is primarily intended for customers who require frequent changes to the content of their site, want to be able to make the changes themselves, or just prefer to have an extra element of control over their website. This is the only package available for customers who will be performing e-commerce through their website or require access to databases for their site.
Price: $500/year or $50/month

  • 150 MB disk space for your site
  • Up to 2 GB data transfers per month
  • Dedicated access for you to the hosting site to perform updates and manage your site